Choose Your Gear Wisely

Choose Your Gear Wisely

Whether you’re hunting big game, waterfowl, whitetail or just trying to stay warm at the football game this Fall, you should choose the gear you wear wisely. Not everything you find at a sporting goods or hunting supply store will offer you the protection you need. But with Sitka Gear, you can withstand the temperature, wind, precipitation, or exertion level of any scenario.

Sitka Gear: Big Game

Sitka has gone beyond traditional camo and created GORE OPTIFADE concealment. It is the first and only concealment system designed around the way a hunter’s prey sees the world. Essentially, it tricks the animal’s eyes into not recognizing the hunter as a predator. When hunting big game, there are periods of motionlessness straight into high activity. Sitka Gear’s technical fabric and functional design responds specifically to your activity level (as well as changing weather conditions).

Sitka Gear: Waterfowl

Sitka’s Waterfowl system provides protection from the elements, as well as giving you the right balance of ventilation and consistent warmth. Unlike traditional waterfowl gear, Sitka has designed its waterfowl gear to work together as a complete system, excelling in performance and protection.

Sitka Gear: Whitetail

When hunting whitetail, warmth and minimal noise are requirements. Sitka Gear keeps you warm without adding bulk, utilizing the most advanced fabrics and construction technologies to eliminate unnecessary features that add noise. Additionally, the macro and micro patterns in GORE OPTIFADE concealment meets the specific challenges of tree effects and closer engagement distances.

Choose Sitka

The gear you choose, no matter your hunting scenario, can largely impact your hunting experience. Sitka understands that not every hunt is alike and their products are designed accordingly. Sitka Gear offers a wide variety of gear choices, specific to your personal needs. So when you’re choosing gear for this upcoming hunting season, choose wisely. Choose Sitka.

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