Hunting Gear & Clothing

Head into TMP Hunter’s Equipment for all of your hunting gear needs.  We offer a large selection of men’s, women’s and children’s sizes in the most up-to-date brands on the market, including: Under Armor, Sitka, Browning and Filson.  If the hunting gear you’re looking for is not in stock, we will be happy to place an order for you.

Whether it’s for cool or warm weather, we have what you’re looking for!  From beanies and face masks to hats and sunglasses, our variety cannot be matched.  Sitka alone offers several different lines of hunting gear, such as:  Open Country, Elevated Forest, Waterfowl and the Solids line.  There is also a Moist- Barrier Shield Line as well as a Cold Front Line. Filson offers many different aspects of your hunting gear needs, such as outerwear, vests, sweaters, bibs, shorts and pants, along with a line of hunting gear accessories.   Long underwear, footwear and socks are also included.

Don’t forget to include a backpack in your hunting gear needs!  We carry Badlands brand and Sitka, as well as others.  If TMP Hunter’s Equipment does not have what you are searching for in stock, we will be more than happy to assist you and order what you need.