Gun Safety Practices

Gun Safety Practices

At TMP, we appreciate the sport of shooting; whether that be at the range, for competition, self-defense, or in the blind. However, with this sport should come extreme caution and respect. One wrong move could have serious consequences. Do you know the right (safe) way to shoot a gun? Do you always take gun safety into account? Today, we’re taking on these 10 gun safety practices:

10 Gun Safety Practices

1. NEVER keep a gun loaded if not being used.
2. ALWAYS keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
3. DON’T trust a gun’s “safety” position.
4. DO learn the specific mechanics and handling characteristics of the firearm you’re using.
5. ALWAYS have guns serviced regularly and don’t make modifications yourself.
6. USE the correct ammunition.
7. BE aware of your target and surroundings.
8. WEAR eye and ear protection.
9. TAKE caution if a firearm does not fire when the trigger is pulled.
10. CLEAR the barrel of any obstructions before shooting.

With ownership of a firearm comes great responsibility. Every gun owner should have a basic knowledge of firearms and the gun safety practices involved before shooting. If you are a new gun owner, or if you’re considering a gun purchase, come by TMP. We are always will to help our customers in any way we can. We also carry a variety of firearms from Sig Sauer, to Glock and Kimber, to fit your specific firearm needs.

Questions? Do you have a “gun safety practice” to add to our list? We’d love to hear it. Leave a reply below!

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