Kimber VS. Taurus

Kimber VS. Taurus

These days, you have seemingly endless options when it comes to firearms. Styles, compositions, designs, and brands are all factors to consider when purchasing a firearm. With the variety of brands and wide differences in price, you may wonder if you’re only spending more for a brand name. Today, we’ll be discussing Kimber VS. Taurus and which one is best for your specific needs.


When purchasing a Kimber, you can be assured there is no compromise when it comes to features, materials, or performance. Unlike some brands, Kimber does not measure their success by sales volume or market share. Rather, they see their success by product quality and customer satisfaction. Kimber attributes the success of their firearms to the satisfaction of their customers. When it comes to Kimber, quality is everything. Organizations like the USA Shooting Team, LAPD, SWAT and United States Marines have chosen Kimber. In fact, Kimber is the world’s largest producer of 1911 pistols. Since quality and the satisfaction of customers is such a defining feature of the brand, Kimber will only continue to be the first choice of America’s best shooters.


Originally, Taurus manufactured revolvers similarly designed like the revolvers by Smith & Wesson. Larger framed models were offered later and the product line grew beyond revolvers to steel-frame pistols, polymer-frame pistes, and law enforcement weapons. Because the company manufacturers in Brazil, their labor costs are lower and that is reflected in the price to the consumers. Taurus offers a wide variety of firearms, one of which being The Curve. The Curve is unique to the market, with a concealed appearance similar to an iPhone in your pocket.

Try Before You Buy

Despite which brand you choose, carrying a firearm for self-defense comes with a responsibility. For this reason, you want to fully trust the firearm you choose. It can be tempting to choose the one on sale, or the one with the best online reviews, but at TMP we highly suggest you “try before you buy.” When choosing a self-defense firearm, you should find the one that not only feels comfortable, but feels comforting. So come by TMP the next time you’re firearm shopping! You’re welcome to handle any of our firearms to find the one with the best fit for you.
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