Leupold At TMP

Leupold At TMP

“We solemnly promise never to let down on quality, the customer is entitled to a square deal.”
-Markus Friedrich Fred Leupold

You may recognize that last name as one of the most premiere optic brands on the market…


Leupold stands for a high level of quality, and the extra effort it takes to get there. As the company has grown and changed over the decades, the integrity of the brand has not. The success of this brand has been built on the commitment to customer satisfaction and the goal of building the best optics available.

All scopes made by Leupold are designed, machined, and assembled in America. With each Leupold scope comes the Gold Ring Lifetime Guarantee, meaning Leupold will fix or replace any deficiency. From scopes, to binoculars, rangefinders, and mounting systems, you are sure to get a quality product and experience from Leupold.

Scopes-“The world’s best,” promising absolute precision.
Binoculars-Exception durability and complete clarity for every environment.
Rangefinders-Remove the guesswork and pinpoint results to longer ranges than ever before.
Mounting Systems-Rugged and secure, meant for your most valuable Leupold optics.

At TMP, we understand Markus Leupold’s mentality, and think quality is something every customer deserves. That’s why we choose to carry only the best products on the market, Leupold being one of those. For a limited time, all Leupold is 10% OFF! So if you’ve been considering a new scope, now is the time! See the difference and experience the quality that Leupold promises. We know you won’t be disappointed. Come by and find the Leupold that is right for you!

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