A Yeti Product For You

A Yeti Product For You

At TMP, we believe Yeti makes the best cooler products money can buy, which is why we carry the Hopper, Tank and regular coolers, all made by Yeti. We know Yeti makes the perfect product for you, the hard part is deciding which one you want…

Hopefully we can help you decide!

Yeti Hopper

Looking for a portable cooler? Look no further than the Yeti Hopper. Both reliable and convenient, the Yeti Hopper is 100% leakproof and will keep 26 pounds of ice for days. So whether you’re heading to the lake, golf course, or summer BBQ, just through your Hopper over your shoulder and you’re ready to go.

Yeti Tank

The 20.8 gallon tank is Permafrost Insulated and ready for a party. The double haul military grade handles are meant to last. It is guaranteed to stay dry on the outside and Bearfoot Non-Slip Feet ensures it stays in place. The Tank is easily drained with the Vortex Drain System, a simple twist will do the job.

Yeti Cooler

The Yeti cooler stands far above the rest. With a Yeti cooler, you get:

  • One-piece design made from highly durable roto-molded polyethylene
  • One-piece lid attached with molded-in, full-length hinges
  • Padlock ports at both front corners
  • 2 inches of pressure-injected polyurethane insulation

Yeti has developed indestructible products designed to exceed your expectations. Not only will they keep ice for days, but Yeti products are literally grizzly bear-proof, meant to withstand the toughest conditions. So when you’re looking for quality, you’ll find it with Yeti.

Optimum Performance

As always, at TMP, we want to bring you the very best. We believe we do that by stocking our shelves with Yeti, a trustworthy brand that delivers optimum performance. If you’re considering a Yeti product, come by our showroom. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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